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SRT AGRO SCIENCE Private Limited is a Private Ltd Company incorporated with the Registrar of Companies MP & CG width Registration No. U24210T2007PTC020491 dated 28th December 2007. We are a Bio-Mission Company a licensee vendor of ICAR and Maharashtra Agro Industries Development Corporation Manufacturing Organic fertilizers (Under Agro Kamal Brand)

  • Bio-Capsules

  • PROM

  • Advanced PROM

  • Bio-Fertilizer

  • Organic Base Liquid Fertilizer

The Directors of the company are Shri Shirish Taunk and Shri Rajesh Taunk. They act as the backbone of the company and are good at planning & want to use their knowledge & valuable experience for the efficient working of the proposed manufacturing of Bio- Fertilizers & Bio Pesticides unit. They have vision & fore-sightedness to take their Company to new heights of success by expanding and diversifying their current operations. They have expertise in vivid areas like procurement of Raw materials, production techniques, promotion activity and sales.

With this rich past experience and intellect it is anticipated that the new proposed unit will be a successful venture.




SHRI SHIRISH TAUNK aged about 43 years endowed with strong will-power and sincere commitment towards duties and responsibilities. He is one of the Directors of SRT SGRO SCIENCE (P) Limited and is strong rooted in his area of activities. He started his business career as soon as he got his Graduation Degree. In a very short span of his career, he had established his reputation in the business circle among his fellow businessmen.


SHRI RAJESH TAUNK is the Director of SRT SGRO SCIENCE (P) Limited and aged around 42 years. He is blessed with special skills set, dexterity and business acumen. He is a commerce graduate and has more than two decades of work experience. He possesses expertise and wisdom to handle the day-to-day business activities proficiently.




At present Shri Rajesh Taunk, one of the two promoters is member of Zonal level Agriculture advisory committee of State Bank of India. With their Sincere and gradual efforts they completed entire research for organic farming with the help of organic bio-technology. The Bio Fertilizer and Bio Pesticides produced in house not only increased the productivity but also saved the huge expenses on chemical Fertilizers & Pesticides. It also helps improving the fertility of the soil. They have also experienced that with use of Bio Fertilizers and Pesticides, the resistance of soil with attacks of variety of pest has improved.




1. Develop affordable and more cost-effective drugs and devices to counter diseases common to India and to tropical and sub- tropical areas, and to reduce disease burden.


2. Provide farmers of the state better, high yielding, drought and pest- resistant crops suited to the agro- climatic conditions of the state.


3. To enhance the value and utility of medicinal plants and traditional systems of medicines by developing new products with global potential.


4. To improve the livestock in the state in order to increase the earning capacity in rural areas.




SRT AGRO SCIENCE PVT. LTD. has its head quarter & fermentor plant facilities in Funda, Durg. It has also plans to develop cheaper & effective technologies to purify water sources & to deal with the industrial effluents & dairy wastes. It helps to enhance the value & utility of bio product by developing new product with global potential.


The vison of the company is to improve the farming practices of farmers by giving them better technologies that help them to improve their soil    condition & reduce environmental pollution for the better health of the human kinds.


Our mission is to achieve healthy & safe environmental conditions for all human kinds & making the nature free from hazardous      chemical by enlightening flame of awareness in the society of farmers by diverting them towards the utilization of        bio-pesticides in their regular management of crop pests.




1. To produce toxic-chemical free food grains, vegetables & fruits for growing population of world for their better health.


2. To break-up the resistance of pests due to that resurgence of pest is not observed.To promote extensive use of bio-pesticide with a view to maximize crop production & minimize environmental pollution & health hazards.


3. To create awareness among farmers & public on the role of bio-pesticides in agriculture public health & human welfare


4. To promote the practices & advancements of biological pesticides & living organisms




Bio-fertilizers are seen as an important alternative technology, since the negative externalities of chemical fertilizers have become well known. India continues to be one of the largest consumers of fertilizers with the total consumption in 2009-10 estimated at 53.3 million tons in terms of various products as against 50.7 million tons in the previous year. This report consist of different key challenges & opportunities drivers of Bio fertilizer market, analysis of major players and implicate the future market and strategies for the Bio fertilizer market.


Among the major concerns in today’s world are the pollution and contamination of soil by excessive and injudicious use of agro chemicals, as well as their detrimental effects upon agricultural workers and rural communities worldwide. Compelled to respond to concerns on both health and environmental grounds, governments all over the world are now switching from ‘risk reduction’ and ‘safe use’ procedures, to developing more environment-friendly alternatives of sustainable agricultural production such as the use of bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides.




Food production of a country is closely associated with its population. Increased production from a unit area brings abundant pressure on land. This leads to denudation of forests and grassland cover and increase soil erosion. Energy resources are necessary for intensive agriculture and investments are not only involved in highly mechanized farm operations but also in production of fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and other materials commonly used in modern agricultural practices. Energy and fertilizer constitute a serious problem and farming does not remain economically feasible. Moreover, increased use of fertilizers constitutes a serious problem and farming dose not remains economically feasible. Increasing population has therefore compelled many nations to take necessary steps to increase food production by alternative means.

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